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Yes, I agree myself. I have a premium account and it's great. If both apps could be linked, nothing else would be needed for many DJ's out there. Spotify has so much available, it's not even funny. I saw someone post a while ago that Spotify is for personal use. As long as I'm using it with my laptop, I don't see why it would be wrong to link it up to Virtual DJ. I could just be DJ'ing at home for all that anyone knows. Anyways, my two cents.

Posté Wed 23 Nov 11 @ 12:18 pm
Spotify is NOT spotify 1st party only..

Check out SpotON, this is an iPhone app which uses your spottily usern/passw to logon, you can create sort of 'genius' mixes by liking or disliking the current playing song.

There is an API for this. VDJ just needs to add it.

Posté Mon 06 Feb 12 @ 1:45 pm
esseyPRO InfinityMember since 2006
+1 I'd also love Spotify integration to virtual DJ. Has anyone worked out a way to do this?

Posté Wed 28 Mar 12 @ 10:19 am
Just adding my 2 cents worth. I use Spotify premium (actually thinking of getting 2 accounts, so I can preview on one and play on the other) and I use VDJ. If these 2 would work together LIFE WOULD be AWESOME. I would even pay for 2 spotify premium accounts if it mattered.

Posté Sat 05 May 12 @ 12:37 pm
dammiePRO InfinityMember since 2007
did i miss? or is it still not possible to play spotify on virtual dj

Posté Mon 04 Jun 12 @ 4:01 pm
Swanny1Home userMember since 2012
I too would LOVE to have Spotify integration. Seems a no-brainer from the user's POV - a case of getting technical and legal issues sorted? (I have a Spotify Premium account)

Posté Tue 26 Jun 12 @ 11:33 am
I also like to see it as soon as possible. It would be amazing! +1 (still waiting)

Posté Thu 09 Aug 12 @ 9:21 pm
thomgeePRO InfinityMember since 2011
there is a workaround tu use it.
with two soundcards you could get it to the input of an controller and this way into VDJ
but I am not sure if this might make trouble with the licences.

however. integration of spotify into VDJ is still an great lack.
this times it is more than modern to see it in such a great application like VDJ

Its like everything wonder why it is not already done.

Posté Sun 09 Dec 12 @ 6:40 am
It's simply not allowed by Spotify - it's a license for one user only. Also, using the API's, loading a second track stops loading the first.

Posté Sat 15 Dec 12 @ 3:17 pm
bamboo1PRO InfinityMember since 2011
please virtual dj see if you guys can get with spotify team so we can link that would be cooooooooooooooooooool

Posté Mon 28 Jan 13 @ 3:01 pm
I have a spotify premium account which works seamlessly with my Sonos system in my house. So there is an example of Spotify working with 3rd party's to promote it's use. I can build play lists in Sonos that has songs from my hard drive collection and from Spotify and it just loads accordingly during playback. The only thing we would do differently is to be able to play two tracks at once but I would take the one at a time to start with.

Posté Tue 29 Jan 13 @ 5:24 pm
Please read back a couple of posts. Spotify is for personal use and cannot be used "commercially". Unless that changes, this won't go anywhere.



Posté Thu 31 Jan 13 @ 4:22 pm

5. Third Party Applications

The Spotify Service provides a platform for third party applications, websites and services to make available products and services to you (“Third Party Applications”), and your use of these Third Party Applications is subject to their terms of use. You understand and agree that Spotify is not responsible or liable for the behavior, features, or content of 

Posté Fri 05 Apr 13 @ 11:58 pm
I don't think the issue is with "3rd party applications", but the licence to play the music in a public place. Spotify is a "personal" service.



Posté Sat 06 Apr 13 @ 2:41 am
Plus if you're working as a DJ, you really ought to be using your own music anyway - not relying on what is effectively a "radio station".


Posté Sat 06 Apr 13 @ 3:15 am
nidgerPRO InfinityMember since 2010
So Pacemaker has been the first DJ app to utilise Spotify Premium. C'mon Virtual DJ you are leagues ahead of Pacemaker!!! Also for just a mere £12.99 I have bought myself a splitting lead. So now all I need is my iPad Air 128GB A Griffin DJ Splitting lead @ £12.99 & Pacemaker App free but a £6.99 charge for all the sound effects & add-ons.... Virtual DJ Catch up.......

Posté Fri 07 Mar 14 @ 1:37 pm
nidgerPRO InfinityMember since 2010

Posté Sat 08 Mar 14 @ 2:11 am
It's still not going to happen.

Posté Sat 08 Mar 14 @ 2:33 am
nidger wrote :
No licence needed in the Venue before 11pm!

You seem to have completely missed the fact that this applies to live music, not recorded music. All the way through that overview, the word "live" is used again and again - and it also specifically states "The Live Music Act regulates live performances, not recorded music."

Which part don't you understand?

Posté Sat 08 Mar 14 @ 5:52 am
To the Virtual DJ programmers - From what I understand the struggle for integrating Spotify Music Streaming into Virtual DJ is that Spotify is limited to playback from only the program itself. However the program of Spotify does feature plug-ins and accessibility to other features such as an equalizer for the program that you can install after-market. I believe contacting the Spotify Company would be in your best interests for your efforts of accomplishing the task of integration as they would be able to allow such add-ins to be used from their program, similarly it could be something as simple as clicking a button inside their program that launches yours on their playback, they still get the playback recognition and the subscription bonus for their features but those of us looking to have our music capable of equalizing and mixing similarly through your program would be able to. Additionally, if it would be even easier creating a sign-in feature for spotify inside your program that would be better for people like me, it could essentially allow DJs and Mixers alike to use your program features while streaming and accessing our music we use regularly from Spotify. By contacting Spotify from your end you could potentially get Spotify to allow a premium account for multiple song playback for separate or additional costs so that way mixing is possible in your program with the enormous library spotify offers.
~An up-and-coming DJ with an idea.

Posté Tue 08 Apr 14 @ 9:21 am
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